The Jimmy Simpson Foundation is a 501c3 organization that was founded by Carol Simpson after her husband, Jimmy, suffered an anoxic brain injury as a result from a fall out of a hospital bed after surgery. While searching for long term placement for Jimmy, it was difficult to find an environment that fostered individuality as well as provided a safe home environment. As with many non-profit organizations, the family saw a need within the brain injury community and stepped up to meet that need.

In July 1998 the Jimmy Simpson Foundation opened its first long term care program for traumatic brain injury, Safehaven. In 2000 we added the North Georgia Support Group for brain injured individuals and their families. Information on both programs are provided by clicking on the appropriate link.

It is our desire to have the Jimmy Simpson Foundation and its programs synonymous with quality – more than synonymous – when you think quality of care, reliability, versatility and stewardship you think of the Jimmy Simpson Foundation and its programs first for the care of the traumatic brain injured community.

The Jimmy Simpson Foundation is dedicated to providing the best quality care for the brain injury community. Learn more about our upcoming ventures and how you can become a part of the Jimmy Simpson Foundation organization by clicking on any of the areas provided. You can also call us for more information at (706) 438-8662.

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.


The Jimmy Simpson Foundation is dedicated in our mission to serve the brain injury community through direct services and education.


  • Everyone has the right to a high quality of life, regardless of mental or physical capabilities.
  • The board, staff, and volunteers are committed to the mission, goals, people we serve, and their families.
  • The primary responsibility of officers and directors is to identify the resources for the Foundation’s activities and provide leadership that will support the implementation of policies.