Jerry has been a resident at Safehaven for 17 years. I am very happy with the quality of care he has received over that time.

Pat Hamil

Safehaven provides a loving and caring home for my wife. Everyone there truly cares about all the residents; they are like extended family. Thank you so much for taking good care of Karen.

Darrell Smith

Safehaven was such a God send to our family. We lost our Mom/Grandmother who cared for our sister/aunt her whole life after being involved in a horrific hit and run accident. It left her paralyzed and with a significant brain injury. When our mom/grandmother became ill and soon after passed away, we had no idea how to care for Kim; especially in the manner she was accustomed to. We were introduced to this wonderful facility and immediately fell in love with them… and them in love with Kim. She has been cared for above and beyond any way we could have ever dreamt of. We are forever thankful for EVERYTHING they do for Kim and us. We don’t have to worry if she is being taken care of; you can see how happy she is to know that is a fact. They have helped get her treatment for issues we have never been able to get approved, or even answers for. The staff is incredible in so many ways and extremely knowledgeable. Thank you so much for taking the greatest care of our sister/aunt.

Marlene & Cindy

Safehaven is a wonderful home like environment where patients receive optimal medial/nursing care to support and optimize their quality of life. Patients and families are treated individually allowing for the greatest expression of the patient’s needs and desires.

LuRae Ahrendt, RN, CRRN, CLCP

Safehaven is an excellent facility for brain injury and/or ventilator clients. Housed in a small home like setting, in North Georgia, patients are given detailed attention and treated like family! Great communication with loved ones, as well as case managers. They go above and beyond! Very professional, compassionate and caring staff, would recommend Safehaven to any patient!

Pam Lovallo, RN, CRRN

I have worked with Safehaven for many years.  I find them responsible, consistent excellent care, good communication and are pro-active with any medical situations.  They have developed a facility that GA should be proud of.   There are few ethical head injury facilities, vent dependent, that can surpass this breath of fresh in NW GA.

Judy Mehl, RN, CCM, LCP

As a case manager, I can truly say Safehaven is a long term care facility like no other. The staff to patient ratio is impressive and the quality of care if amazing. I would highly recommend Safehaven to anyone looking for a facility for a traumatic brain injury patient. Safehaven offers a wonderful home environment so they can live the life they deserve.

Sonya MacDougall, RN, CCM