Individuals who have suffered a brain injury and their families know the long road the victim must travel to reach their full potential after the injury has occurred this also includes those individuals with debilitating diseases. In most cases, recovery from either set of circumstances is not one hundred percent and the individual is not the same person afterward as they were before. While some individuals go on to lead productive lives there is a certain percentage that are not able to care for themselves any longer. The Safehaven facility provides long-term total care in a home environment promoting safe and loving care to the non-ambulatory individual suffering from brain injury.


  • Maintain a long term care living environment that will provide a quality of life to foster each individual’s physical, social and emotional abilities in a home like setting.
  • Increase the feeling of success and enhance self esteem by providing a variety of health, social and related support services.
  • Sustain a living environment in which the family is confident their loved one is receiving quality care while preserving the dignity and confidentiality of each resident.
  • To ensure the confidentiality of each client, as well as the family, will be preserved.


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