Safehaven provides a variety of health, social and related support services, as well as, range of motion techniques. Each resident at Safehaven is encouraged to interact with his or her environment based on the individual’s physical and cognitive abilities. The target population for the Safehaven Program is the severely traumatic brain injured with low-level cognitive skills.

In general, residents of the Safehaven program will be 18 years of age or older with a severe traumatic brain injury which has left them with low level cognitive abilities as well as physical impairments. The Safehaven program will not accept pediatric cases.

Referrals to the Safehaven Traumatic Brain Injury Facility originate from many sources. Those sources may include but are not limited to Physicians, Social Workers, Case Managers, or Discharge Planners under the direction of the resident’s Attending Physician, Insurance/Third Party Representatives, or family referral through a Physician.

Residents who are hospitalized at the time of referral will be prescreened and evaluated for direct admission by Safehaven Brain Injury Facility Program Director. Review will include referral information, the resident’s most recent medical records, and personal interviews with the resident and/or family. Factors to be considered in the screening include the resident’s medical history, functional status, and social circumstances.

All residents will require evaluation either on site or through review of medical information by the Safehaven Traumatic Brain Injury Facility Medical Director and Program Director prior to scheduling any admission.

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